Asia, HK$ 150,000 | 2022

OneSky Foundation

Hong Kong Family Skills Training

HFC funds training in responsive caregiving and holistic early childhood development to improve early childhood knowledge and skills of low-income parents.

Asia, HK$ 135,560 | 2022

Zubin Foundation

Social Emotional Training Series for Ethnic Minority Children

HFC supports social emotional skill training for ethnic minority children to build their resilience.

Asia, HKD $100,000 | 2018

Against Child Abuse

Child Protection and Treatment Project - Happy Child Starting From Home

HFC supports a registered social worker/trainer to provide therapeutic groups for abused children, parent education programs for abusive parents, and professional child protection training.

Asia, HKD $90,008 | 2018

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Guardian Angels to Infants in CRH

HFC supports a program officer and social worker to provide services for children, 0-3, at the HKSPC Children’s Residential Home and their parents.