The issues in Asia surrounding child abuse include education, prevention, research, advocacy, training and poverty. However, our initial strategy focuses on raising awareness and funding programs that can help at-risk children and their families who are affected.  Through the collaborative approach of donors and our concerned community, we hope to build a sustainable social capacity that can prevent child abuse and develop measurable programs to help abused children.  

Since 1998, Help For Children has worked to prevent and treat child abuse.  A global foundation supported by the generosity of Hedge Funds Care and Private Equity Cares, Help For Children provides grants to the most effective and efficient child abuse prevention and treatment interventions in seven countries, making the world a safer place for children.  

HFC Asia, is headquartered in Hong Kong. 

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Child Abuse

Worldwide, 40 million children are subjected to abuse each year. These children, too young and too scared to seek help, can too easily be hidden from view

Our Impact

Since 1998, with the support of the alternative investment community, HFC has distributed close to $50 million in grants – positively impacting 87,000 lives on an annual basis.

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      • Scott Day, Sidley Austin LLP;
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      • Carolyn Knight-Evans, PwC;
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      • Phillip Meyer, Oasis Management Company;
      • Nicholas Plowman, Ogier;
      • Bruce Salzer;
      • James Sayko, Wells Fargo;
      • Elliott Shadforth, Ernst & Young;
      • Jean Sung, J.P. Morgan;
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